Around NYC, one massage at a time.

Back in my hometown I had this wonderful nail salon that provided beyond incredible service, which has left me with extremely high standards for what I expect out of a massage. My local nail salon has $10 manicures, with free massages throughout the mani as well as while you’re drying. I’m not talking about the manicurist rubbing your back for 25 seconds. I am taking about a good 20-30 minutes you are getting the full deal. The massages alone would cost at least $25+ if you did just the chair massage there or anywhere in Manhattan. It’s the pampering and price I only dream I could find in NYC. If I could describe in one word the feeling when I leave Amy’s Nail Salon in Bedford Hills, NY it would be simply refreshed.

I am undoubtably a reg. on getting massages… I’d do my nails any day of the week to get my massage. I would give up a basic meal. Yes, one could call me extreme and I wouldn’t blame theme. However, it’s a necessity to my sanity living in NYC. It has been very difficult for me to find any decent 10 minute chair massage in NYC. I have tried several.. I’ve gone on rampages getting one daily, I won’t lie I’ve done two in a row in one day to find a place that compares to my local spot at home.

This blog will be not only for me to document my visits, but for others like me who are regs on the massages and need to know what they are getting themselves into or simply where to go. Hope you enjoy.



May – AA Nails Spa (Financial District)

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ | My rating for May
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ | Yelp’s rating for AA Nails Spa

address – 79 Pine St, New York, NY 10005 | map

I was on my way to Chop’t and passed a nail salon, AA Nails Spa located in the Financial District.. seemed my type $9 manis, good deals – it felt I was coming across a dollar a min. for a massage. It ended up being just it. As per usual I always ask for 10 minutes, see the price – if the price is good, the massage is what I want and I am in need, I’ll go for the extra 10(sometimes they get a bit pushy). This women Sofia took me into a room and told me 20 minutes was 19 dollars a few times. I declined and went for the 10.. I had a good feeling however. The massage was so wonderful, I haven’t written a review since it was some time back and I wouldn’t be able to give details. So the next time I get Sofia I will write a review.

May was wonderful. The massage was if I had left a vacation in the Phi Phi Islands, Thailand – famous for Leo DiCaprio 2000 movie, The Beach, being filmed there. She kneaded my neck a bunch with a perfect amount of pressure.. I’m not exactly sure why it is when someone feels that pushing into my back for 10 minutes is a massage. There was no pushing, thankfully. She focused on the head for not too long, but long enough. Lotion was used, a bit sparingly and a hot towel at the end. I truly think it adds to the massage if they continue for 30 seconds to a minute after the timer goes off. It really does it for me, in this case she did not add this extra time – which is really my only feedback. Otherwise it was a solid Phi Phi Islands at 4.5 stars.