May – AA Nails Spa (Financial District)

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ | My rating for May
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ | Yelp’s rating for AA Nails Spa

address – 79 Pine St, New York, NY 10005 | map

I was on my way to Chop’t and passed a nail salon, AA Nails Spa located in the Financial District.. seemed my type $9 manis, good deals – it felt I was coming across a dollar a min. for a massage. It ended up being just it. As per usual I always ask for 10 minutes, see the price – if the price is good, the massage is what I want and I am in need, I’ll go for the extra 10(sometimes they get a bit pushy). This women Sofia took me into a room and told me 20 minutes was 19 dollars a few times. I declined and went for the 10.. I had a good feeling however. The massage was so wonderful, I haven’t written a review since it was some time back and I wouldn’t be able to give details. So the next time I get Sofia I will write a review.

May was wonderful. The massage was if I had left a vacation in the Phi Phi Islands, Thailand – famous for Leo DiCaprio 2000 movie, The Beach, being filmed there. She kneaded my neck a bunch with a perfect amount of pressure.. I’m not exactly sure why it is when someone feels that pushing into my back for 10 minutes is a massage. There was no pushing, thankfully. She focused on the head for not too long, but long enough. Lotion was used, a bit sparingly and a hot towel at the end. I truly think it adds to the massage if they continue for 30 seconds to a minute after the timer goes off. It really does it for me, in this case she did not add this extra time – which is really my only feedback. Otherwise it was a solid Phi Phi Islands at 4.5 stars.


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